Reframing Energy Demand

Innovation for Sustainable Heat

Principal Investigator:

Janette Webb (PI; Sociology), Mark Winskel and Ronan Bolton (Co-Is; STIS) 

Research Team:

Ronan Bolton and Mark Winskel


Our research aims are threefold:   

First, to develop a new analysis of innovations in energy efficiency and sustainable heat by drawing on  two related strands of social science research on innovation: social studies of the technical  infrastructures and market instruments which underpin energy demand and supply, and which  structure the pace and shape of change.  

Second, to develop detailed evidence about emerging innovations for energy efficiency and sustainable  heat in selected UK and European cities, and to analyse the implications of these innovations for urban  energy demand to 2050.  

Third, to use our research to identify the potential, and means, for shared learning between European  cities, in relation to energy efficiency and sustainable heat policy and practice. We will do this by  working closely with UK and European policymakers, businesses and communities.