As a subject group we seek to maintain our international reputation in all aspects of the study of science, technology and innovation in society. We produce innovative and interdisciplinary research, public policy advice and consultancy on the socio-economic implications of technology and innovation as well as the social and historical dimensions of issues such as: the history of science and medicine, information and communication technologies, life sciences, science and technology policy, international development, and the environment.

We maintain close links with the Sociology subject area through long-standing shared interests such as the sociology of scientific knowledge and the sociology of health and illness. We currently host the Innogen Institute (formerly the ESRC Innogen Centre) and convene ISSTI, which draws in a wider network of colleagues from across the university who share our interest in the social studies of science, technology and innovation.

Further information about the history and origins of our research can be found in John Henry’s account published in Notes and Records of the Royal Society:

Historical and other studies of science, technology and medicine in the University of Edinburgh, Notes and Records of the Royal Society 62.2 (2008), pp. 223-235.