Dolly the Sheep
Controversies in Medicine, Technology & Environment

Developments in science and technology have often generated fierce public controversy.

Contemporary examples include genetically modified organisms, climate change, and embryo research. How can we understand such controversies? And what are the implications for science-society relations?

Focusing on controversies in science and technology – particularly publicly visible controversies – this course introduces methods and concepts from Science and Technology Studies for analysing and understanding them.

Topics to be covered include:

• Genetics, cloning and Dolly the sheep

• Scientific regulation and citation analysis

• Gender representation

Themes Include:

• What tools do we have for making sense of controversies?

• Risk, legitimacy, and authority

• ‘Experts’ and ‘publics’ in controversies

• How do scientists design the models they work with?

• Do controversies end?

This is a level 10 course with 20 credits.

Course organisers: Dr. Miguel Garcia Sancho Sanchez and Dr James Lowe

Course secretary: Alex Dysart

Semester: 2

More information: Controversies in Medicine Technology and the Environment (STIS10009)