Unknown - Sigerist, Henry E. (1965) Groe rzte, Mnchen, Deutschland: J.F. Lehmans Verlag (5. Auflage) (1. Auflage
History of Medicine

A general introduction to the history of medicine in Western society from the
Ancient Greeks to the present.

This course will examine how doctors have thought about health and illness over the past two and a half thousand years and will raise general questions about the historical origins of modern scientific medicine, the role of experts in society, the extent and limits of applicability of scientific thinking, and the relationship between scientific research and public policy. Special attention
will be paid to how different systems of medical knowledge, and the diagnostic and therapeutic practices associated with them, were adapted to the particular social and historical environments in which they developed.

Themes Include:
• Greco-Roman medicine
• Renaissance anatomy
• The medical marketplace
• Medicine in The Enlightenment
• The changing role of hospitals
• Laboratory medicine
• Eugenics and human experiment
• Patient power
• The pharmaceutical industry

This is a level 8 course with 20 credits.

Course organiser: Steve Sturdy

Course Secretary: Alex Dysart

There will be 3 lectures per week in Semester 1

More information: History of Medicine (STIS08001)