Investigating Energy Consumption & Policy

Please note: This course is not running in 2018-19

Investigating Energy Consumption and Policy introduces key debates in contemporary energy consumption, equipping students with analytical tools to critically evaluate energy policy in the UK and abroad. 

Policy strategies across sectors are underpinned by ambitions to achieve low-carbon and sustainable futures. However, existing attempts to influence consumption have struggled to achieve the reductions required. This course introduces students to a range of perspectives that offer more contextually sensitive considerations of relationships between personal consumption and policy strategy. This exploration will focus on energy service use in the home (for example, heat, light, and small appliances) while also looking at national and global levels. This course will equip students with the analytical tools necessary to critically evaluate key debates around energy policy and consumption in the UK, and further afield.

The first half of the course introduces how energy services in the home are shaped by energy policy and might be developed using a range of theoretical perspectives. The second half examines more varied types of consumption, including automobility, food, and work. Example lectures include: 

  • Why consumption matters: challenges for energy policy
  • Thinking about consumption from psychological and behavioural perspectives.
  • Do smart technologies allow space for social practices?
  • The scripting and standardisation of thermal comfort

This is a level 10 course with 20 credits.

Course organiser: 

Course secretary: Mr Alex Dysart

This course is not running in 2018-19

Investigating Energy Consumption & Policy (STIS10011)